UW Photo Challenge


Underwater Photo Challenge 2017 Winners revealed! / 第五届亚太水下摄影挑战赛得奖名单出炉!

Underwater Photo Challenge 2017 had successfully ended during DRT Show Singapore with big finale: live judging. UWPC team highly appreciated all photographers who attended the challenge and especially thank all judges for the hard working and support. Finally, CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners! And we shall see you all next year!第五届亚太水下摄影挑战赛(UWPC),以新加坡DRT Show中的现场评比节目中画下完满句点。UWPC团队们感谢所有踊跃参予的摄影师们,也非常感谢所有评委们的帮忙与支持。最后,恭喜所有的得奖者!我们明年再见!