UW Photo Challenge

Rules & Guidelines

How To Submit Your Photo:

Step 1: Registration

The contestants must register at UWPC website: www.uwphotochallenge.com (you may use the same Email Address and Password to login DRT Show website: www.drtexpo.com) If you are already a member of EZDIVE or DRT Show website, please skip this step.

Step 2: Upload the photos

Please log in and start to upload your photo now, the maximum file size is 3MB (less than 2500 pixels at longest side, minimum image resolution 72 dpi; JPG/JPEG files only, you may submit more than one photo). Watermarks NOT allowed. Entries submitted with watermarks will be disqualified. The top10 photos on each category will be asked to provide the original RAW file or original camera file. Failure to provide files will mean disqualification.

Step 3: Payment

The entry fee is USD25 for up to 5 photos.
Or USD5 for each extra photo. Please pay by PayPal, Alipay as following:

  Credit card or Paypal payment:
  Please pay to: sales@divingandresorttravelexpo.com
  Alipay payment (China Area):
  Please pay to: jason@ezdivemag.com;
account name: CHONG SEAT AU

The payment must be done by 15 January 2024. Once the photo has been paid, you will not be able to delete it anymore. After the payment is done, please e-mail your payment receipt to info@uwphotochallenge.com


Limitations of Post-Production
--- Maximum 10% cropping of whole picture is allowed.
--- Rotation, flip and flop.
--- Limited removal of backscatter. This does not include removing divers, fish, etc., or painting/burning the background of an image black.
--- Minor changes: colour temperature, brightness, contrast, dodge and burn, sharpening, saturation, tonal adjustments or colour balance adjustments.
--- Too much of any of the above will be taken into consideration by judges.
Not Allowed:
--- The use of Photoshop or similar post-production applications is restrained in this contest.
--- Composite photos (blending exposure, double exposure, focus stacking), cutting and pasting sections of other photos, cloning or creating objects (i.e. adding divers, fish or glow to simulate a flashlight) or gimmicks from the camera such as art effect, mirror…etc.
--- Excessive blurring or excessive darkening of background (vignetting tools, etc)

Application Form:

Word file:

PDF file:

If you have difficulties uploading your photos, please download and fill up the above forms, email info@uwphotochallenge.com with your photos to complete the application process.

1. The submitted photos must not have watermarks.
2. Entries must be taken underwater in the natural environment within 5 years, photo taken after 1 January 2019.
3. Entries may have been taken from any camera, film (as scanned slides) or digital.
4. Photos that have previously placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a major contest are not allowed. If you are not sure if a contest is major, please ask at info@uwphotochallenge.com
5. The top10 photos on each category will be on display on the official website : www.uwphotochallenge.com from 1 March 2024.
6. Entrants who are unable to provide the original (RAW) files and Letter of Authorization will be disqualified.
7. The winner photos on each category will be announed directory on the official website: www.uwphotochallenge.com on 22-24 March 2024.
8. Entries taken as a result of harassment to marine life that could be harmful to the subject may be disqualified at the judges' discretion.
9. UWPC organisers are entitled to disqualify any participant who acts against the rules, displays undue conduct, has caused harm to other participants, or acted in any way that is contradictory to the spirit of the competition.
10. The judges’ decision is final.
11. Winners will receive their prizes at scene or by mail or email.
12. Each individual can only win one prize or prize package in one identical category. However, entrants can win in different categories.
13. By registering and submitting photos to the competition, contestants confirm their agreement with these rules and regulations.
14. UWPC organisers reserve the right to modify these Rules and Regulations in any way at any time. Significant adjustments will be publicised.

Explanation of Legal Issues Regarding Photo Usage and Copyright:
1. All entries must be created by the participating photographers themselves, and they should confirm that they own the copyright to their works. In the event of any legal disputes arising from this, the participating photographers are solely responsible for their legal obligations. Participating photographers retain all copyrights to their photos.
2. Participating photographers must ensure that their submitted works do not infringe upon rights such as the right to publicity, reputation, privacy, copyright, trademark, and any other legal disputes. Otherwise, the participating photographers themselves will be responsible for their legal obligations.
3. DRT SHOW and EZDIVE Magazine retain the right to publish the contest entries in print, in the gallery or online to congratulate or feature the finalists, winners and their respective photos, and to promote future events.
4. Winning photos will be included in a press release for third party websites and publications in the context of congratulating and/or featuring the winners and winning photos, and to promote future competitions.
5. Copyright holders retain copyright of their work. For awarded pictures, copyright holders grant the UWPC unlimited non-exclusive use of high- resolution pictures for activities in all media, including social media, online and print, in relation to the contest, the exhibition, the yearbook, the public archive, and all promotional and educational activities for and under the auspices of the UWPC, without any remuneration being due.
6. Winner photos will be displayed in all the DRT SHOW in the future and will also be published by our media partners worldwide.
7. The final interpretation of the event rules belongs to the organizing committee.
8. By submitting entries for the competition, it is considered that the entrants agree to the above-mentioned explanation of legal issues.

Winning Photos