UW Photo Challenge


Asia Pacific Underwater Photo Challenge 2019 Coming Soon / 第七届亚太水下摄影挑战赛即将开始

Underwater Photo Challenge (UWPC) is a true international competition. Our judges are famous underwater photographers worldwide and UWPC is open to all skill levels. DRT Show and EZDIVE now welcome everyone to participate the most prestigious underwater photo competition!  Open for submission date: 10 October 2018.水下摄影挑战赛是真正的国际性比赛。我们邀请了来自世界各地著名的水下摄影师作为比赛的评审,在之前举办的历届比赛中,也有数以百计、来自世界各地的摄影师参加比赛。DRT SHOW和EZDIVE杂志欢迎您参加亚太地区最具声望的水下摄影比赛! 本届开始征件日期:2018年10月10日。