International Judge Panel of Asia Pacific UW Photo Challenge:

Mr. Eric Goh, Malaysia

Photographer / 摄影师Eric is a professional photographer. His underwater images have graced numer Read more

Mr. Jerome Kim, Korea

Photographer, Writer / 摄影师、作家Born and raised in Korea, Jerome Kim has been based in the Read more

Mr. Kelvin Tan H.Y, Singapore

Photographer / 摄影师Kelvin Tan H.Y is a Singaporean working in China as the General Manager of a Read more

Mr. Ken Thongpila, Australia

Photographer, Founder of Underwater Macro Photographer (UWMP) Facebook Group / 摄影师、Face Read more

Mr. Lin Qing, China

Photographer / 摄影师Born in 1965 in Beijing, Qing has been taking pictures since 1985. He began Read more

Mr. Scott Gutsy Tuason, Philippines

Photographer, Writer / 摄影师、作家Scott was first handed his underwater camera at the age of Read more

Mr. Tim Ho, Malaysia

Photographer, Writer / 摄影师、作家In 2009 Tim purchased his 1st underwater compact camera and Read more

Ms. Vania Kam, Hong Kong

Photographer / 摄影师Vania is an award-winning photographer who was fascinated and mesmerized by Read more

Mr. Steven Kovacs, Canada

Photographer / 摄影师Steven Kovacs was born in Canada and has had a fascination for the underwate Read more

Mr. Henley Spiers, The United Kingdom

Photographer/摄影师Henley Spiers is an award-winning underwater photographer.  Prior to beco Read more

Mr. Mike Bartick, America

Photographer/摄影师Underwater photography, for Mike Bartick, has defined his love connection with Read more

Mr. Patrick Ong, Malaysia

Photographer/摄影师Patrick is a Creative Director in the advertising field as well as a professio Read more

Mr. Pietro Formis, Italy

Photographer/摄影师Pietro Formis, born in Milan in 1978, has been immersed in the world of imagin Read more

Mr. Tom St. George, , The United Kingdom

Photographer/摄影师Tom St. George developed a profound passion for diving upon relocating from th Read more

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